This practical drinking bottle combines a pleasant drinking spout with the insulation of  a vacuum in double-walled stainless steel that keeps cold liquids cold for hours  stay. The BPA-free cap has a narrow drinking spout and is completely leak-proof thanks to the  silicone seal. Thread runs inside for a comfortable lip connection  and thus prevents spillage while drinking. The drinking cap can be put in position  secured for easy drinking. The carrying loop can be turned into a carabiner  fastened. The wide opening is practical when cleaning or when you use the bottle  Fill with ice cubes or pieces of fruit. The extra thick double stainless steel wall withstands many  years of rough use, saving you the use of countless disposable bottles.  The Double Wall bottle is equipped with a unique Getter to keep the vacuum in the vacuum for years  to stand.

Rubytec Shira cool drink bottle Dutch