Hario Kettle, stainless steel, silver

  • Ideal for achieving precise, controlled pouring when preparing filter coffee by hand.
  • This ensures an even infusion without "crater formation" in the center of the coffee flour and allows the coffee to extract its maximum aroma.
  • Lt. Manufacturer 1200 ml content. To boil water with it, use a little less (approx. 900 ml.
  • Suitable for electric, ceramic, induction and gas stoves.


Hario V60 Drip Kettle "Buono" 100


Easy to pour, coffee drip kettle with a slim spout

This drip kettle with a slim spout makes it easier to control the amount and speed of hot water being poured, making it useful when brewing a V60.

  • Article no: VKB-100HSV
  • Colour: Hairline Silver
  • Size: W295 x D144 x H130mm
  • Material: Body, Lid: Stainless Steel; Handle, Knob: Phenol Resin
  • Made in Japan

V60 Drip Kettle "Buono" 100 (VKB-100HSV)